We are passionate Scottish Country Dancers!

Located in Portland, Oregon, we teach and dance the social dances of Scotland and promote interaction and friendship with nearby RSCDS branches.

Come to our weekly classes in the Portland metro area and we will teach you the steps, figures, and techniques to have a fun time.
Test your new skills when the local branches hold their (roughly) monthly dance parties!
A few times per year, dancers from all over the Pacific Northwest travel to the Portland area to foster inter-branch socialization and dances.
You can take your dancing skills to RSCDS branches around the world and dance with them!
Most events in Portland are at the Water Tower Dance Hall at 8936 SW 17th Ave.

We Bring You Scottish Country Dancing!

Here are a few people who can help you connect with the rest of the branch, whether you’re a dancer, a musician, an organizer, or a spectator.

Don Gertz
Don Gertz, Teacher/Coordinator
Linda Mae Dennis
Linda Mae Dennis, Teacher
Melissa Whitson
Melissa Whitson, Teacher
Darrick J. Wong
Darrick J. Wong, Webmaster

What Have We Been Up To Lately?

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