Ball Program

Andrew and Mairi Collins, Coast To Coast with Scotch Mist
8×32J, 3C (4C set)
1-8 1L followed by 2L+3L dance across top, down behind Men and back to place
9-16 3M followed by 2M+1M dance across, up behind Ladies and down middle of set. Bar 16 Ladies dance in to join RH with partner, all facing down
17-24 All lead down and back, 3s dancing to place while 1s+2s remain in middle ready for...
25-32 1s+2s dance Allemande
D. Haynes, RSCDS Leaflet 10
8×32S 3C (4C set)
1-8 1s+2s set, turn partners 2H opening out into 4H round
9-16 2s+1s dance the Knot, 1s turn LH to end facing 1st corners
17-24 1s turn corners RH, partners LH, 2nd corners RH and partners LH
25-32 1s dance RH across, (1M with 3s and 1L with 2s), pass partner RSh and dance LH across with other couple, 1s end in 2nd place. 213
Craig Williams, RSCDS Book 46
8×32R, 3C (4C set)
1-8 1s turn RH and cast 1 place, turn LH 1¼ times to end 1L between 2s, 1M between 3s
9-16 1s dance LSh reels of 3 across with 2s/3s curving round to end LSh to LSh (1L facing up) in middle
17-24 1s dance up/down and cast left to 2nd place opposite sides while 2s+3s dance ½ R&L (RH on sides to start), 1s turn LH. (3)(1)(2)
25-32 3s+1s+2s Set&Link twice
Tim Wilson, RSCDS Book 47
8×32S, 3C (4C set)
1-8 1s Set&Cast 1 place, 1s cross passing LSh and cast RSh round 1st corners to face them
9-16 1s dance 'Hello-Goodbye' setting and end passing RSh to face out in 2nd place own sides
17-24 Promenade (Chaperoned) Chain progression:-
' 17-18 2s and 3s ¾ turn partner RH into middle while 1s dance clockwise ¼ round the set picking up 2L/3M...
' 19-20 who promenade ½ way clockwise while middle dancers (2M + 3L) turn LH 1½
' 21-24 2s and 3s turn partner RH ¾ to own sides while 1s dance clockwise ¼ round to end in 2nd place, all 3 couples in middle facing up. 312
25-32 3s+1s+2s dance Allemande
R. M. Campbell, Glasgow Assembly
8×32R, 3C (4C set)
1-8 1s+2s+3s cross RH, set, cross back RH and set
9-16 1s turn RH 1½ times, cast 1 place and turn LH once to face 1st corners
17-24 1s change places RH with corners and set, change places with corner person RH and turn partner LH to face 2nd corners
25-32 1s change places RH with corners and set, change places with corner person RH and cross LH with partner to places
Bobby Munro, RSCDS Book 37
8×32J, 3C (4C set)
1-4 1s cast 1 place and set advancing to 1st corner
5-16 1s Dance to Each Corner and Set:-
' 5-6 1s change places with 1st corners passing RSh and 1st corners pass RSh with a ¼ turn to right in centre to face 2nd corners (as 2nd corners set),
' 7-8 Original 1st corners change places with 2nd corners passing RSh and 2nd corners pass RSh with a ¼ turn to right to face 1s in 3rd corner (pstn) as 1s set
' 9-10 Original 2nd corners change places with 1s passing RSh and 1s pass RSh with a ¼ turn to right to face 2nd corner (pstn) as original 1st corners set
' 11-16 Repeat this Fig once more until 1s end in centre facing 3rd corner positions with 3s and 2s in 1st and 3rd places opposite sides
17-24 1s dance ½ diagonal Reel of 4 with 3rd corner and ½ diagonal Reel with 4th corners
25-32 1s dance RH hands across (L with 2s and M with 3s) and 2s+1s+3s turn RH
J. B. Dickson, Lothian Coll.
8×32S, 3C (4C set)
1-4 1L+2M turn RH 1 ½ to face partner on sides
5-8 1s+2s set to partner and turn RH
9-16 2s+1s+3s dance reels of 3 on the sides (2s+1s pass RSh to start)
17-20 1M+2L turn LH 1 ½
21-24 2s+1s set, cross RH
25-32 2s+1s+3s circle 6H round & back
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Ellie Briscoe, RSCDS Book 38
8×32J, 3C (4C set)
1-8 1s set and cross RH, cast 1 place and turn LH (ending in a diagonal line LH to partner and RH with 1st corner)
9-16 1s Balance-in-Line with 1st corners, ½ turn corners and 1s followed by corners chase clockwise to 3rd corner (pstn) and 1s dance in to give LH to 2nd corners
17-24 1s Balance-in-Line with 2nd corners, ½ turn corners and 1s followed by corners chase anticlockwise to 4th corner (pstn) and 1s end in 2nd place opposite sides
25-32 3s+1s+2s dance ½ reels of 3 on the sides 1s giving LSh to 2nd corner (pstn), set and cross RH. 213
L. Henderson, Heart of San Francisco
8×32R 3C (4C set)
1-4 1s turn RH and cast off one place; 2s step up on 3-4
5-8 IL with the 2s and 1M with the 3s dance RH across once round, finishing facing 1st corners
9-16 1s dance corner-pass-and-turn with 1st corners, pass RSh in the middle and dance corner-pass-and-turn with 2nd corners; 1s end by dancing toward each other and pulling back RSh to finish back to back facing opposite sides
17-24 2s+1s+3s dance double triangles, and 1s petronella turn to 2nd place on 23-24
25-32 2s+1s+3s circle 6H round and back
Bob McMurtry, 2003
8×32J, 3C (4C set)
Note: Tam is the gentleman, Tom Cuthbertson, who is a wonderful local storyteller in Santa Cruz, Calif.
1-4 1M cast off one place and dance across the set to end facing out in 2W place. 1W chase her partner to end in 1M place. 2s step up on bars 3-4.
5-8 1M turn (“leisurely”) 3W by the right hand while 1W turn (“leisurely”) 3M by the right hand. 1M remains facing out.
9-16 2s & 1s dance ladies chain. 1M stays facing out.
17-24 1W dance around 3M passing RSh, back to 2nd place opposite side, and across to own side facing out. Meanwhile, 1M cast off behind 3W, dance across to his own side, cast up behind 3M to 2nd place own side. 1s set, turning to their left on bar 24 to face 2s.
25-28 1s slowly turn 2s RH, once round, end facing down.
29-32 1s dance around 3s, passing left shoulder with 3s to end in 2nd place, 1st man stay facing out. Repeat having passed a couple.
Duncan Brown, RSCDS Book 47
8×32R, 3C (4C set)
1-8 1s+2s set and dance ½ RH across, 1s+3s set and dance ½ LH across
9-16 1s set and cross RH, 1s cast up 1 place and turn LH turn to face 1st corners (pstns)
17-20 1s dance ½ reel of 4 with 1st corners (pstns) and pass left to face 2nd corners, (pstns)
21-24 1s dance ½ reel of 4 with 2nd corners (pstns) and curve right to end 1M between 3s facing down and 1L between 2s facing up
25-32 1M+3s also 1L+2s Set&Link for 3 once, 1s turn RH 1½ times to 2nd place as 2s and 3s dance clockwise ½ way to places. 213
George S. Emmerson, RSCDS Leaflet Dances 17
8×32S, 3C (4C set)
1-8 1s lead down below 3s, Cross&Cast up to 2nd place opposite sides, 2s+3s turn once as 1s turn with 2H 1½ times to end in centre facing up
9-16 1s dance up for 2 steps, set to each other, dance down for 2 steps and turn 2H to face 1st corners
17-24 1s set to 1st corners, pass partner by RSh, set to 2nd corner and pass by RSh to face 4th corner
25-32 2s and 3s dance reels of 3 across as 1s dance ½ reel with each couple (1L+2s and 1M+3s giving RSh to 4th corner to start), 1s cross RH to 2nd place
Rutherford, RSCDS Book 12
8×32J, 3C (4C set)
1-8 1s set, cast & dance RH across with 3s
9-16 1s set, cast up & dance LH across with 2s
17-24 1s followed by 2s dance down, cast up behind 3s, in & dance up to top & 1s cast back to 2nd place
25-32 2s+1s dance R&L
Roy Goldring, Graded and Social Dances 2
8×32R, 2C (4C set)
1-8 1M also 2L cross passing their standing partner by RSh and cast 1 place, 1M+2L turn RH back to places
9-16 1L+2M repeat passing partner LSh and turning LH
17-24 1s slip step down the middle and back
25-32 1s+2s dance Poussette
R. Goldring, 24 Graded & Social Dances
3×32S, 3C set
1-8 1s+2s dance Diamond Poussette
9-16 1s dance down for 2 steps, turn 2H, dance up to top & turn 2H
17-24 1s+3s dance double Fig of 8 round 2s with 1s casting to start
25-32 1M+2M turn LH 1.½ times while 1L+2L turn RH 1.½ times, 1M+3M turn RH 1.½ times while 1L+3L turn LH 1.½ times
Roy Goldring (1983), Leaflet 7
8×32R, 3C (4C set)
1-8 1s ½ turn 2s on sides (1M RH - 1L LH) to face out, 2s+1s+3s set as in double triangles, 1s ½ turn 3s on sides (1M LH - 1L RH) end 3s facing out and 2s+3s+1s set as in double triangles
9-16 1s followed by 3s dance up between 2s, cast down 1 place, dance in and 1s cast up to 2nd place, 3s end in 3rd place
17-24 1s turn 1st corners RH, pass partner RSh turn 2nd corners RH and cross passing partner RSh to 2nd place own sides
25-32 2s+1s+3s circle 6H round and back
Auld Lang Syne

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