Workshop and Ball

Please check back here for information on the 37th annual workshop and ball, to be held in March 2016. Looking for the programs for either the 2015 Portland Pi Ball or the 2015 Vancouver Dinner Dance?

Vancouver Dinner Dance

Thank you all who came to the 37th annual Portland workshop and ball! The next major dance event in the area is the Vancouver Dinner Dance, the program for which is below.


Register today for the Vancouver Dinner Dance!


St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 426 East Fourth Plan Blvd., Vancouver, Wash.

  1. Take the Fourth Plain Boulevard exit from I-5 in Vancouver.
  2. Turn westbound onto Fourth Plain Boulevard.
  3. The first light will be F street; turn right here.
  4. Turn left at the first intersection onto 27th Street.
  5. Park behind the church.

Workshop and Ball

Every year, the Portland group puts on a dancing workshop and ball; the 40th ball is March 9th, 2019 at the Burlingame Water Tower Dance Hall in Portland, Ore. Check back for more details as they are available! Like us on Facebook! We also have a printable registration form available!

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Packet Pick-Up9:00a-9:30a
Level 1 Class9:30a-11:00a
Combined Class11:15a-12:15p
Level 2 Class1:00p-2:30p
Grand March7:00p

Note: There will not be a ball walk-through this year.

Bottled water will not be provided. Please bring your own to refill as needed.


  • Mel Briscoe, Alexandria, Virginia.


  • Patti Cobb, piano
  • Debbie Benton-Grosjean, fiddle
  • Erik Ievins, cello

from the San Francisco Bay Area, Calif.!

Ball Program

Please click here for the DancieMaetions for the ball.

Please click here for a crib of dances.

Class Levels

We offer two levels of dancing for classes. The effectiveness of the instruction at workshop classes is often reduced when the ability of dancers in a class is less than expected for that class. As a courtesy to our workshop teachers and fellow dancers, consider your level of dancing when comparing it with the descriptions below. If you are not sure which level you should sign up for, please ask your regular teacher.

Level 1: This level is for the less experienced dancer or someone who enjoys dancing at a less challenging level. Dancers should be able to dance a basic dance after walking it through from each position.

Level 2: For the more experienced dancer who has been dancing and attending classes regularly for at least two years and...

  • Has attended at least one previous RSCDS workshop.
  • Has a working knowledge of ALL basic steps and common formations.
  • Has been learning more advanced formations.
  • Is able to dance a new dance with common figures competently after only one walk through.
  • Can correct own errors by the beginning of the next phrase.


Please click here for the registration form.


Burlingame Water Tower Dance Hall, 8936 SW 17th Ave., Portland, Ore. 97219

Coming NORTH on I-5:

  1. Take Exit 295 straight toward SW Taylor's Ferry Road.
  2. Turn left onto SW 17th Avenue. (0.8mi)
  3. Destination will be on the right. (0.1mi)

Coming SOUTH on I-5:

  1. Take Exit 296A and turn right onto SW Barbur Blvd.
  2. Turn right on SW Spring Garden Street. (0.1mi)
  3. Turn right on SW 17th Avenue. (0.3mi)
  4. Destination will be on the left. (0.2mi)

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See old programs.

Overnight Accommodations

Limited housing with our members is available. If interested, email Linda Mae Dennis.


Linda Mae Dennis
Linda Mae Dennis, Vice Chair and Teacher